Late night, romantic ruminations over what could’ve been, what has been, and what may be; OVO Sound’s roster has a sizeable collection of artists who foster this sound, Drake most notoriously being the maestro of this aesthetic among them. Carrying the baton from the Champagne Papi himelf, PARTYNEXTDOOR’s first single off his much awaited project, P3, is the latest example of the histrionic gunslinging of emotions that the two artists have become well known for.

While Come And See Me isn’t anything particularly groundbreaking or new in its content or aesthetic, it’s a reassuring message from PND, giving fans of his hope after 2014’s critically panned PNDCOLOURS, his last major release. Reminiscent of PND’s emotional “Kehlani’s Freestyle/Things & Such,” the Noah “40” Shebib produced track is a great backdrop for PND and Drake’s signature lamenting lyricism and emotional sound. PND claims “I’ll admit I’m sorry when I’m truly sorry,” and Drake suggests, “I know you got another nigga tryna play the part / Just cause he got a heart don’t mean he got heart.”

PND is working with what he knows in “Come And See Me.” That might garner some critics, and it may leave something to be desired for some listeners. But all in all, the soulful arrangement of “Come And See Me” is a great move if he wants to safely drum up hype before P3’s release.

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