“DE AQUÍ NO SALES (Cap.4: Disputa)” stands out as one of the most antagonistic songs off of singer/songwriter Rosalía’s dynamic 2018 release El Mal Querer. “Yo que tanto te camelo / Y tú me la vienes haciendo” she howls at the space around her, and the words have only just been wrenched from her body before they are swallowed whole by the snarl of revving motorcycle engines. The song inspires the same kind of images that are reminiscent of Mad Max’s apocalyptic wasteland — as hostile and wretched as Fury Road itself.

The recently released music video for “DE AQUÍ NO SALES” does not stray far from these preexistent associations. It starts with Rosalía half-submerged in a pond, dressed as an incarnate of Björk’s Vulnicura cover and surrounded by twisted hunks of metal. From there, the images flash between shots of Rosalía dressed as the ultimate badass of any of Fast and Furious film, doused in flames and back again in water, yet each time we come back to this shot, she sinks lower and lower. By the time the song’s last spoken line “Caramelos también tengo” is uttered, her head is the only appendage we can see above the water; she is nearly consumed by the murky depths. Then, the tempo picks up, and a shot of a windmill exploding into flames takes us into the image of a trumphiant Rosalía rising from the fire. She boards a motorcycle and rides into the moonlight countryside. She doesn’t look back.

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