The third single ahead of their second album, Rhye’s “Taste” is a satisfyingly layered groove that covers more ground than perhaps any other release from the Los Angeles-based duo. Rest assured, though, “Taste” is no departure from the form that Michael Milosh and Robin Hannibal established on their last effort under the Rhye moniker, 2013’s Woman.

The song opens on a somewhat discordant bassline beneath Milosh’s androgynous vocals. “I’m not awake / I’m not alone / You’re right beside my face,” he croons, just before the entrance of an enticing synth-line. While that same four-note melody permeates the remainder of the track, a menagerie of woodwinds takes turns brushing affective strokes in short bursts. Just before half-way through the track, a small string section enters and the plot thickens. “You’re not awake / You’re not alone,” Milosh sings this time, reassuring his lover that it’s just him. He promises love and lust in equal measure: “I’ll lick your wounds / I’ll lay you down.”

Steamy and sexy like their debut, “Taste” stands out among the rest for its texture, the way it moves through a series of distinct moods by way of its diverse instrumentation. Along with similarly tender singles “Please” and “Summer Days,” which the band released in July, “Taste” promises a thoroughly pleasurable sophomore LP, even more lush than Woman and at least as seductive. 

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