Rex Orange County gave fans a taste of his upcoming album Pony, set to release on Oct. 25, with his new single “Pluto Projector.” The singer-songwriter surprised fans a day before dropping the single by tweeting out his phone number, allowing fans to hear a snippet of the tune via his voicemail. 

Rex released his first single off the new album, 10/10, back in early September, and while he still maintains the level of sincerity he was able to capture in the previous single, “Pluto Projector” is more soulful and organic with its relaxed vocals and clean drum beats. The song starts off with a quiet guitar riff as Rex confesses his love to his significant other and ends each line with a casual vocal scale. 

Like many of Rex’s songs, the single doesn’t have a clear structure, as it runs start to finish without any repetition of lines; however, the song starts to pick up in the middle with the introduction of a piano riff laced between the lead vocals and a collection of haunting harmonies lingering in the background. Rex imagines himself in wedlock, singing “I hope the encore lasts forever / now there’s time for us to spend,” a sweet ode to the beauty of a timeless love. “Pluto Projector” reminds us of the joy found in sharing life’s journey with someone you love and showcases Rex’s craft for creating heartfelt intimacy through songwriting.

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