Quinn XCII is a man of many quirks, and he owns them proudly. Between his lyrics about “a psycho from a midwest suburb” and his outlandish Instagram account dedicated to his comedic culinary endeavors, he’s created a unique persona that sets him apart from other pop artists. After the success of his previous single “Stacy,” Quinn XCII has released a follow-up track “Two 10s,” which seamlessly continues the theme of childhood nostalgia.

The tune imagines a young boy asking his parents for “two 10s” so that he can spend a night out with his best buddies; it describes his attempt to convince his parents to let him go out. In addition to incorporating the same nostalgic feel from “Stacy,” Quinn XCII also refers to the same character, developing the badass high school senior from his prior single into a secret cokehead. The single is paired with a music video featuring Quinn XCII as the father of a teenager heading out to the roller rink with his friends, with the young group set in a haze of disco lights and neon. 

While Quinn has slowly transitioned from rap into the pop realm, “Two 10s” possesses a driving beat and bounciness that subtly showcases his rap background. It’s the first taste of the new album he’s been hinting at for the past few weeks, and its continuation of the youthful themes from his previous releases suggests the upcoming album will bring even more nostalgia.


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