The word “woozy” sounds like a reference to insobriety, but for Sven Gamsky, the genius behind Still Woozy, it has a different connotation. His trance-inducing, groovy sound isn’t an ode to moments of indulgence, but rather his tendency to feel one step behind and out of the flow of life.  

Sven Gamsky extends the definition of woozy and makes it completely his own, taking the groovy connotations of the word and layering it with feeling odd and out of place. Gamsky’s music videos, live performances, interviews and social media presence makes blaringly obvious that he is simply weird and fun, dancing awkwardly and dropping unconventional music videos that embody the confused core behind the name Still Woozy.

This “out of the mainstream flow of life” definition of woozy matches his approach to music in every way: In an interview with WECB, Gamsky explains how he is not the kind of person that thrives in business oriented environments. He makes music in his garage-slash-studio, independent from a label, working with a close team who helps with the heavy lifting. He is extremely self-aware, and his pseudonym becomes even sweeter considering his entire approach is focused on a mesmerizing sound that elicits oddball movement.  

Gamsky’s fake name characterizes the days when life takes on its own rhythm, and you’re just on the outside looking in — pair that “one step behind” persona with a funky, synth-based beat, and you have yourself Still Woozy.  

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