Just over three years after releasing their most recent album Keep You, Pianos Become The Teeth has finally resurfaced with a new single from their forthcoming record Wait For Love, titled “Charisma.” The track kicks the band into an uncharacteristically quick tempo while retaining its penchant for tender melodies.

The track immediately greets us with a driving bassline, noting significant change from their pacing on Keep You. The rest of the composition follows suit and keeps up with fuzzy rhythm guitar and soaring melody guitar joining the rapid bass and drums. The song is an undeniable departure from the atmosphere on Keep You, but it also holds a familiar structure of softly blended compositions that undercut emotional vocals, characteristic of PBTT’s most recent work.

As a former screamo band, PBTT has a come a long way from their previously abrasive, albeit still gorgeously composed style. On “Charisma,” lead vocalist Kyle Durfey has traded in the pensive, withdrawn tone that was used on much of Keep You for an outward, observant sound, mirrored in the track’s lyricism. It’s warm and inviting, far from the suffocating longing on the band’s previous material.

“Charisma” begs the obvious question of where exactly the band is headed with this new record. The track sees PBTT at their poppiest yet, using their unique melodies to welcome and uplift in an unprecedented form for the band. Never stagnant, PBTT has consistently evolved their sound with each release, and if “Charisma” is any indication, Wait For Love won’t be an exception.

Wait For Love is slated for a Feb. 16 release via Epitaph Records. You can watch the song’s gorgeous music video here.

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