Harry Styles is back with his new, honeyed single “Watermelon Sugar,” and now he has high-waisted pants up to his nipples. No one is mad about it. Nay, the pants to the nipples heighten excitement for the album in the same way the steamy nature of his “Lights Up” video sent fans into hysteria. The cotton candy vibes of “Watermelon Sugar” induce a similar frenzy, but one where fans are running to find a lollipop to suck on. 

“Watermelon Sugar” debuted Nov. 16  on “Saturday Night Live,” a surprise release in anticipation of Styles’s sophomore album Fine Line, coming Dec. 13. The repetition of lyrics “watermelon sugar” and the catchy strumming pattern of the electric guitar emulate the optimism that Styles has brought to the table in his album promo (how could one not be optimistic about Harry Styles smiling in a pink ballerina outfit, which he used to preface his “SNL” appearance?). “Watermelon Sugar” emanates what is voluptuous — this sexy tale of summer love shines bright. 

Billie Eilish also released a new single this week, her first since her March 2019 debut album When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go? “everything i wanted” details a dream Eilish had where she commits suicide, and amid the fame no one cares that she is gone. The cover art features an abstract painting of the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most popular spots for suicide. Most importantly, the single showcases the enduring safe haven of a relationship she has with her older brother, co-writer and producer, Finneas. 

Billie’s new single feels like an extension of her debut album, as she sticks with eerie vocals and an otherworldly investigation of dreams. She continues to use a metaphysical dimension to comment on her waking life. Her sweet spot — mental health, sleep, relationships and that which haunts us — continues to paint a vivid landscape, braiding the same threads as she did on her debut album. Even though she sticks with the same themes, Eilish creates a misty soundscape, as if we’re standing on the Golden Gate Bridge with her and holding her back, loving on her until she wakes up from the nightmare.  

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