Purity Ring has never shied away from content — visually and musically — that may evoke cringe-worthy sentiments among fans. Their latest video release, “Begin Again”, from their album Another Eternity, takes that shudder-inducing attitude to another level. The video is set in a quasi-puritanical society, one that seems to revolve around cult rituals and magic. This seemingly primitive setting provides an eerie contrast to Purity Ring’s futuristic, electronically-driven sound.

The video follows the town’s ritual of resurrecting a young girl, highlighting the song’s themes of rebirth and renewal. The young woman is dug up from her fresh grave and then brought to dine with an older woman in an elaborate hall where the women eat the center of an odd, fleshy fruit. Walking toward each other, the women embrace before the reanimated youth stabs the older woman. The video wraps with the newly-living young woman exiting the dining hall, surrounded by triumphant townspeople.

This take on the song’s central themes deviates from much of Purity Ring’s previous work, which usually showcases their art as ultramodern and streamlined. The effect created is both shocking and thought-provoking – making this juxtaposition of a video one of the duo’s most successful yet. 

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