Drake hasn’t been this close to a number one record since 2009’s “Best I Ever Had”, and he’s hell-bent on making “Hotline Bling” his first. The desperation has culminated in his most shamelessly commercial video to date, strategically released as the song peaks at number two. Ever since ©Drizzy Drake signed a $20 million deal with Apple Music and released a coveted sneaker with Mr. Jumpman, it seems everything he touches turns into an extension of an endorsement deal (word to Midas).

The Jordan brand logo is literally the centerpiece of the opening shot, and the whole video feels like one of those old iPod commercials where the black silhouettes dance in front of monochromatic backdrops. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple managed most of the creative direction of the video. There’s something vaguely Jonathan Ive-esque about the curved corners of the rectangular panels and the not-so-subtle color palette.

The new OVO Fall/Winter collection dropped less than a week ago, and damn near every single piece is showcased in the less than 5-minute video. Hilariously, the only out-of-season OVO item that makes an appearance is also the only one that hasn’t sold out on the online store – the cringe-worthy “Woes” hat.

Perhaps I’m being too critical. I mean, the song itself is fantastic; “Hotline Bling” was nothing short of an anthem last summer. Full credit to Drake for cashing out on his public image without allowing it to dilute his music. However, that doesn’t change the fact that for all of Drake’s uncomfortable dancing, he still isn’t the focal point of his own video.

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