The video for Halsey’s newest single “Colors” is devoid of just that. A platinum blonde Halsey is painted in a white-washed, upper-middle class suburbia — she’s dating the son (Tyler Posey, “Teen Wolf”) of the man her mother is dating. Her wig is only halfway convincing; everyone is oddly great at tennis; and there are loads of polaroids — you get the picture.

The video is almost entirely candid as the song just plays over videos of the characters. The mom seems a tad desperate, Halsey is aloof toward her boy-hunk and Dad’s mustache screams that he’s up to no good. The first chorus ogles Tyler Posey in a way that’s not unenjoyable: he jogs, smiles, changes in a steamy locker room (with his dad?). You know, typical pretty-boy shit. Meanwhile, Halsey is snapping pics through door cracks and rolling around some white sheets between flirty glances.

Finally, the third-act twist comes when she drops a handful of polaroids in front of her boyfriend, only for him to see they’re all of his father. The twisted would’ve had more success had the video played up the mysterious romance more, instead it only lead in with the odd, healthy suspicion uber rich white families most of us have.

The seemingly out-of-context video is supported by a fantastic song, without a doubt. And while the aesthetics are pleasing enough to warrant an additional view or two, the story-line never hits the intended mark.

YouTube video

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