There are copious songs out there about one night stands, so it takes some creativity to craft one that really stands out. On “1 Night,” the combined efforts of producer Mura Masa and singer Charli XCX come together to do just that — they’ve created something intoxicatingly catchy.

Although perhaps it won’t reach the heights of some mainstream pop, it’s unique enough that it certainly deserves more attention than it will likely get.

“1 Night” is simple and sturdy throughout, a trademark that Mura Masa seems bent on creating for himself. Steel drums create the main rhythm, and are layered with vocal samples from Charli as the song progresses. Even though the chorus there is minimal, synths build up and create a cool, laid back sense. The effect of this minimalism focuses the track on Charli’s excellent vocals, meticulous throughout the song.

Lyrically, this song is nothing special — though Charli sings about how her one night stand was indeed “something special,” it’s nothing any casual music listener hasn’t heard before. What’s different is the presentation, almost staccato in some places, with lines ending in moans which narrowly avoid crossing the line into overtly sexual. “1 Night” is relaxed, yes, but also excellent.


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