I just moved into a place with people that Im not that close to. Dont get me wrong, Im cool with them, but were living together more because of convenience and circumstance than friendship. Id love to find a bunch of songs to play in our living room when were just hanging out that well all enjoy. Any suggestions for music that brings people together?

-Anxious on Ann Street

Dear Anxious on Ann Street,

Sounds like you’re about to experience what so many 20-somethings subject themselves to in this modern age: living with randoms. Whether you found these (relatively) faceless individuals on Facebook, through mutual friends or Craigslist (I pray this is not the case), you are about to embark on a situational expedition that could either last forever or go down in flames. 

Whether organized thoughtfully or spontaneously, living situations almost always begin awkwardly. Once the clamor and chaos of moving in ends, the bones of your new abode will start to take the muscle of your Target-bought belongings. The rooms and corresponding personalities of the house will start to take form. Slowly but surely, within the first couple of days, the hidden quirks of these new flat-mates will emerge. Perhaps they will pester you and consistently steal your Fig Newtons. Maybe they will turn out to be an anecdote of eccentricity that you bring up at future dinner parties. Or maybe they will turn out to be lifelong friends who always leave the toilet paper pointing downward, just the way you like.

Purchase some beers and grab your best speaker system. On the first night after your move-in, place both in the shared living space in the house. Pop in this playlist and hope for the best. Classic dance numbers will distinguish which of your roommates possess the ability to get down. New tracks off popular albums of the summer will prove to the new roommates that you have a mild understanding of what the kids are listening to these days. These modern tracks are offset by seminal classics of the recent and far past. Never underestimate the power of a true classic; tracks like Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” will always hold the undeniable ability to turn a person on.

Dive into the unknown Anxious. And if that fails, always remember to lock the door to the room that holds the Newtons.



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