The Palace of Auburn Hills filled with energy and excitement on Friday night as the Lumineers brought their Cleopatra world tour to Michigan. The arena changed dramatically during the two hours since the doors were open- every seat was filled, the general admission pit was congested with people and the anticipatory energy was palpable. It all culmintated in a powerful roar from the crowd when the large black curtain that had been hiding the stage fell to the ground in a dramatic reveal.The Lumineers were spread across the stage, each with a microphone and instrument in front of them, immediately commanding the attention and adoration of the crowd.

But it wasn’t until the first few note of “Ho, Hey!” began to play that the true intensity of the crowd was felt. Lead singer Wesley Schultz invited the crowd to sing along, which they enthusiastically accepted. The united voice of the audience soon overpowered Schultz, who continued to play his guitar as he walked out to the edge of the stage. Cellist Neyla Pekarek and percussionist Jeremiah Fraites smiled to each other across the stage as Schultz returned to his spot in the center at the conclusion of the song, the crowd cheering fiercely. 

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