After the great success of his tear-jerking hit “Someone You Loved,” Lewis Capaldi has given us another reason to cry with his new music video for “Bruises.” A tune off his most recent album, Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent, “Bruises” reminisces on an old relationship and all its fond memories, detailing the times when it’s hard to remember why you separated from someone you used to love. Like “Someone You Loved,” “Bruises” is a compelling ballad about heartbreak, and the video’s storyline pairs perfectly with Capaldi’s passionate delivery of the song. 

The video features a young couple in the aftermath of their relationship, depicting flashbacks of the times when they were together as they intensely stare at each other. Tension builds as the video progresses, ultimately leading to a massive fight between two groups of prisoners representing each person in the relationship. Capaldi is also featured in the video belting the tune in a desolate landscape and eventually going up in flames, burning as the couple’s scene becomes extremely hostile.

Peace is restored at the end of video, as the fighting crowds disappear and the couple is once again left alone staring into each other’s eyes. While it’s not completely clear whether or not they’ve reconciled, the video ends with each person extending their arm out to the other as if they’ve reached some sort of truce. Carefully crafted and well-delivered, “Bruises” is a simple approach to a complex concept. Capaldi has once again successfully captured difficult emotions, neatly packaging them into a brief video for us to cry along with.

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