Lauv gets down to the authentic emotions in his new single “feelings.” The fifth release off his upcoming album, ~how i’m feeling~ , “feelings” is an open letter from Lauv asking a girl if she would like to take their relationship to the next level. 

The song is intimate and deep, possessing a youthful infatuation experienced by many young people today. While the lyrics are vulnerable, Lauv sings with a confidence that suggests he’s sure of himself and the status of his relationship with his “friend.” The mellow, easy-goingness of the tune also contributes to the notion of young love and the risks taken to feel something real and intimate. 

Although the song deals with deeper emotions, Lauv presents the tune with genuine optimism. In his music video, he’s blowing bubbles and dancing amidst clouds, hearts and 2000s themed polaroids. This kind of joyful enthusiasm is also hinted at in the song with its uplifting clapping and hopeful lyrics. Lauv sings “Know we’ve been friends / And love only knows broken ends,” exemplifying a kind of trust found in love and close relationships. 

This new song is another artifact in Lauv’s incomplete scrapbook of emotions. While we’ve already seen themes of loneliness, addiction and sadness, “feelings” stands out with its emphasis on optimism and holds onto a hope for authentic happiness. The divergence from Lauv’s previous releases will leave listeners in anticipation for some more of these positive feelings. 


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