Following the much-anticipated release of his new album, Jesus is King, Kanye West has dropped a music video for the track “Closed on Sunday.” The family-centered video was fittingly released on Thanksgiving, and features West with his wife and kids along with their extended families. 

Set in a barren Wyoming landscape, the video opens with West and his family resting within a rock formation as West keeps watch while his family sleeps. They eventually wake up and explore the hazy mountain scenery before meeting up with their extended families who arrive via ATVs, giving off an apocalyptic air. The families pose together, and among the many familiar faces are brief cameos of Kris Kardashian as well as Kim Kardashian West’s sisters, Kourtney and Khloe. The end of the video features West surrounded by his gospel choir as they belt “Jezebel don’t even stand a chance,” a bold line expressing the power of West’s religious convictions. 

Unlike his previous work, which was largely driven by power and materialistic desires, “Closed on Sunday” is a true testament to the “new Kanye.” Despite his new commitment to Christian values, he’s still the bold and frank artist he has marketed himself as over the years. West’s simplistic approach in the visual portrayal of the song pairs well with its premise in placing your trust in a higher power rather than earthly things, and his emphasis on family highlights the song’s concern with shared faith and making religion a generational affair.

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