It’s time to hide all your dads, because Tommy Genesis fans are officially on the hunt after the release of her newest single “Daddy.” The track — featuring production from Charlie Heat (credited on one of her other singles “Tommy”) — opens with a staccato flurry of high-pitched moans before dropping into the immediately provocative opening line: “He like me better with no makeup / Oh, you wanna get it, daddy?” From the start, Tommy opens the gates to her chaotic, alluring fantasy of raw desire and unbalanced attraction.

Tommy is masterful at painting these fantasies, speaking to our deepest, darkest desires for the glamorously taboo — road head, coke and sexual fluidity are just a few of her favorite topics. Her music’s subject matter is thrilling, delivered with an air of complete nonchalance that is almost intoxicating in context. How could you not want to be her?

“Daddy” is Tommy at her most biting, most menacing and certainly most enticing. “He just say he love me, I can’t say it back / He just bought me diamonds, I don’t feel bad,” she quips softly over the disorienting production with an enviable hint of detachment. Her brand is inspiring, awakening a demonic hunger for material satisfaction without the emotional investment.

Whether or not she’s an actual witch we may never know, but her music is undeniably spellbinding, hypnotizing and addictively sexy. With “Daddy,” Tommy perfectly mixes all of the most attractive aspects of her music with precision and ease. With a self-titled debut album on the way, we’re left hoping she’s able to maintain her charm and power while remaining true to form.

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