For those of you who watched the Grammys three weeks ago, you may remember the triumphant return of H.E.R. with the new single “Sometimes.” The performance was soulful and effervescent, a complete deviation from her most recent single “Comfortable.” Whether or not this is a feature off of the long-awaited studio debut album that’s on the way is unknown. But “Comfortable” is a gentle departure from the standard works of H.E.R.. 

“Comfortable” is stripped down, bare and sparse with only a plucking acoustic guitar and glimmers of production to carry the sentimental lyrics. “’Cause I feel so comfortable with you / You make me comfortable with you,” she croons in the chorus. The sound harkens back to her infamous NPR Tiny Desk performance from 2018. Shortly after an acoustic intro, H.E.R. sings softly over the instrumentals with subtle synth cues as the first verse progresses. The chorus doesn’t crescendo so much as it develops a catchy center for the song. H.E.R. is just as diligent with the chorus as she is with the first verse, the lyrics a bit repetitive but for a good purpose: There’s a sense of cohesion. 

Despite the shift of tune, “Comfortable” is just as assured and vulnerable as is expected from H.E.R.. H.E.R. sings about falling in love but in an intimate, stable sense — she’s not as heartbroken as she was in tracks from the past. “Comfortable” is iridescent, a fresh take on slow jams by appealing to the sentiments of falling in love but without feeling trite or boring.   


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