Shortly after announcing the “Injured Generation” tour for his latest album Testing, A$AP Rocky released the music video for “Fukk Sleep.”

“Fukk Sleep” is one of Testing’s more accessible tracks; the beat is run-of-the-mill trap and Rocky’s vocals are unprecedentedly auto-tuned, following with the most omnipresent trend in rap today. The song’s music video mirrors this accessibility. Unlike past Rocky videos, which are typically cryptic and visually marvelous (see: “L$D” and “A$AP Forever”), “Fukk Sleep” doesn’t stray too far from the stereotypical hip-hop video: Rocky mimes the song’s lyrics with swagger as he and FKA Twigs (featured on the song) wreak havoc on a futuristic New York City, and that’s pretty much it. There are no acid-dipped scenes with metaphysical twists or adventurous camera paths that take you in and out of reality.

YouTube video

With that said, the outfits worn in the video are cool, the very few visual effects are cool and A$AP Rocky is really cool, so the video still provides a degree of entertainment and artistic value not present in typical rap videos. “Fukk Sleep” is a relatively uninspiring song compared to Testing’s other boundary-pushing gems, and its music video follows suit. 

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