This week, Daily Music Writers are looking back on the first albums they ever loved. Today, Danielle Immerman remembers Disney Channel greats. 

I don’t believe in favoritism. I can barely decide which cookie I want at Insomnia, so please don’t ask me to decide what my first favorite album was. Also, asking a music lover what her first favorite album was is kind of like asking Donald Trump what his imperfections are — you won’t get an answer.

Seeing that I don’t believe in favoritism, I decided to ask all four of my friends here at the University of Michigan what tickled their fancies early on in life.

My dear friend Mallory Robbins, an LSA freshman and proud srat sister of Alpha Delta Pi, proclaimed that the 2006 hit Hannah Montana is the first album she fell in love with. According to my Mal pal, “Hannah Montana is my idol — she’s amazing and really had the best of both worlds. Her wig was phenomenal and just changed my life.” Too true, Mal. Hannah Montana did indeed change all of our lives.

LSA freshman Natalie Gray, a salty resident of Bursley and the most exuberant member of the Delta Phi Epsilon sisterhood, took me for a walk down memory lane. Hilary Duff’s Metamorphosis is her first fave album. Nat Gray backs up this confession by saying Duff “was a real day one that spoke true words.” Well, Nat Gray, if we’re being completely transparent here, I would probably have to agree with you.

Emily Cornelius, another LSA freshman (because those are the only people willing to talk to me), divulged that her first love is none other than Mr. Lupe Fiasco. Lasers is number one on E Corn’s list because back when she was a youngster, “Lupe just really got me.” (Fun fact, when I pronounced Lupe wrong, Mal Pal bitched me out by saying “Jesus, Dan, you can’t pronounce it like that; it’s disrespectful to Mr. Fiasco.”)

LSA freshman Catherine Karns, a fellow Donald Trump hater, can’t seem to shake the memory of The Cheetah Girls from her mind. Cat watched them open for Hannah Montana back in the day and elaborated profusely about this experience by saying “it was lit.” I asked Cat why she loves The Cheetah Girls so much and she responded, “I honestly don’t know. They were just boss-ass bitches before I even knew what that meant.” Truth, Cat, truth.

As you can see by this massive survey I conducted, there is very little variation in millenials first favorite albums. Basically, if it wasn’t on the Disney Channel, I doubt any of us would dub it our favorite first album (unless you actually knew what shitty music sounded like when you were eight years old). In conclusion, I would like to thank my gaggle of friends for taking thirty seconds of your life to answer my pivotal earth-shattering questions. You are all true day-ones, but Hilary Duff is still better than you. 

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