CupcakKe — Chicago-born rapper, singer, activist and certified deepthroat professional — just changed the game for duck onesies everywhere with the release of her “Duck Duck Goose” music video. It’s filthy. It’s fun. It features multiple close ups of a seemingly never-ending stream of frighteningly realistic dildos. The shots are simple, alternating between cupcakKe fully clothed in a pool or cupcakKe, not clothed at all, lounging in a bedroom. She stares us straight in the eye as she raps, aggressive and unwavering. Her rhymes are perfect.

This is cupcakKe in her prime: fur heels and rubber duck nipple pasties, smiling wide as she delivers, “Tap the head of the dick, duck, duck duck goose.”

There’s power in this unabashed ownership of gratuitous raunch. When cupcakKe emerges during the first few seconds of “Duck Duck Goose,” she doesn’t just walk in wearing a mesh bodysuit, she struts. When she taps the dildo she’s holding against a miniature Statue of Liberty, she’s not questioning whether or not she can make your dick stand up, she knows she can. And who are we to argue with that kind of confidence?

“Duck Duck Goose” is sex positive and body positive, but it’s also cupcakKe just having the time of her life. She manhandles multicolored sex toys with bright orange nails; she has no time for your opinion.

YouTube video

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