Somehow, we as a collective have not dropped Dua Lipa quite yet.

The English singer/songwriter first rose to attention with “New Rules,” a driving pop anthem that was made distinct by Dua Lipa’s curiously husky, soulful voice. From there, she remained steady, always existing within the public eye with consistent music releases — like her “One Kiss” collaboration with Calvin Harris — but never reaching the same level of attention as she did with “New Rules.”

In a similar sense, her newest single, “Electricity,” doesn’t veer far from her norm. Teaming up with Silk City — a music duo consisting of Mark Ronson and Diplo — she has created what was created with “One Kiss,” and what could be argued was created with “New Rules”: a dancefloor smash hit, and nothing more.

With Lipa’s vocals layered over Silk City’s predictable pop algorithm, “Electricity” is unsurprising, yet not terrible. It does what it’s meant to accomplish. The tempo is fast enough to make your hips start swaying of their own accord. The piano interspersed throughout the song adds an effervescent quality to contrived house beats. The lyrics, “I wanted to let you know, I’ll never let this feeling go” are just catchy enough to scream in the middle of Rick’s, the pulsating bodies all around adding to the electricity of the song itself.

It does its job well and with that, I guess Dua Lipa is sticking around for a little bit longer. 

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