Leave What’s Lost Behind, the upcoming album from the Nashville-native quartet Colony House, is lyrically fit to be a best-selling novel. In just a few pre-released songs, the band has already crafted an inspiring account of their own dealings with the past, filled with vivid imagery of expansive landscapes and the notion of playing a role in something much larger than yourself. “Where I’m From,” their latest single off the new album, adds to this narrative by describing the beauty found in both joyful and painful moments. 

The song begins with steady finger snapping before opening up to an electric piano riff. With a mellow, resonant register, lead singer Caleb Chapman sings of “the scent of cedar” and “the warmth of a fire,” reminding us of the simple things about where we come from. The song as a whole is plain in nature, only incorporating a few musical elements and keeping the tune rather modest, but its simplicity pairs well with the soothing lyrics and creates a stunning sense of peace.

“Where I’m From” offers vulnerable sincerity and freedom in playing a small role in a bigger picture. Unlike their previous albums filled with catchy chants and abrupt transitions, Leave What’s Lost Behind is more mellow and reflective. It’s an opportunity for the band to take a step back and meditate on the past few years as an indie group slowly climbing up the charts.


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