In a trend of music videos that have literally nothing to do with the song, The Chainsmokers’ video for “You Owe Me” starts off with two solid minutes of mundane housework. Singer Andrew Taggart vacuums, washes dishes and mops a spotless expanse of tile while staring blankly into the camera as Alex Pall, the other half of the duo, wipes a suspicious splotch of blood off of the stairs outside and irons a pair of pants.

What’s the deal? Some greater commentary on how EDM-pop musicians are normal people too? Pall sets down a footstool, then deftly uses it to right a crooked picture. Taggart lights candles slowly and robotically, all the while gazing at the viewer with that same blank stare. A wide shot shows viewers that he’s standing behind a table filled with already blazing candles — a séance? Some sort of weird Ouija ritual?

The video’s bloody climax reveals that  dinner guests are in fact the dinner. Funny. A bit overplayed, maybe. Kind of like a bloodier version of The Ready Set’s music video for “Love Like Woe” from 2010. We’ve gotten to the point where blood has almost lost its shock value, and although it makes for a relatively light hearted spin on what might otherwise be a drawn out, overdramatic piece about mopiness and vengeance, it isn’t exactly unique in the grand scheme of music videos. “You Owe Me” itself is smoother and slower paced than a lot of the duo’s pop hits, including the obnoxiously infamous “Closer.” Maybe this video heralds a new era for The Chainsmokers: less of that snappy four chord progression primed for radio release and more of something different. We’ll have to wait and see. 

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