The Chainsmokers’s new video for their single “Who Do You Love” featuring 5 Seconds of Summer presents a “Battle of the Bands” competition between the two groups as they belt out the song while trying to outperform each other. Each band takes turns wowing the crowd, with wild tricks such as flaming instruments and crowd surfing to draw their attention.

The two bands released the song back in Feb. and have surprised audiences with their unpredictable collaboration. The single’s musical style seems to incorporate a good balance of the sound fans have come to love from both groups. With a catchy chorus and simple acoustic riffs, there’s no doubt this tune was intended to be a heartbreak anthem for their young audience.

Although the video doesn’t focus on the song’s lyrics about dying relationships, it does give us a taste of the youthful wildness and passion many artists try to hone in on. Set in a garage with a crowd dancing and singing along, you can feel the video’s subjects’ excitement in being young and declaring that through music. The Chainsmokers and 5 Seconds of Summer have given us yet another heartache singalong young people will be dancing to for the next few months.While the moves the bands shows off are a little cheesy, the absurdity of their performances gives off the humorous notion that maybe we shouldn’t take things so seriously. Watching the two groups be so carefree and goofy makes you want to grab a bunch of friends, turn the music up and sing away the sorrows of young heartbreak. 

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