The Michigan Daily’s arts and culture podcast, Arts, Interrupted, is back this week with an introductory episode featuring new hosts, Daily Arts Writer Mike Watkins and Managing Podcast Editor Avery Friedman.

Biweekly, Mike and Avery will bring listeners the latest happenings in the creative world. With news updates, in-depth conversations and exclusive interviews, Arts, Interrupted is an excellent source for engaging and substantive content through the perspective of today’s students.

This first episode kicks of a series called, “Genre Bender,” a look into five music genres with various, often negative, stereotypes: jazz, trap, classical, country and punk. Through conversations with champions of these genres, Mike reveals what keeps them listening with the aim of increasing understanding of misunderstood music. In this first installment, we speak with jazz-enthusiast and College of Engineering senior Maya Shabbir about her love for the genre. If you’re looking a jazz playlist to help you get into the genre, you can find a playlist curated by Maya Shabbir here.

Listen to the episode on iTunes here.



Note: Mike and Avery discuss the delayed release of Young Thug’s EP, On The Rvn, which has since been released.



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