“I’ve been super fortunate to shoot nearly everything under the sun and do it representing the Daily. I didn’t know what I was walking into when I joined, but I couldn’t have hoped for more. From my first event to my last, I’m proud to call the this newspaper my home.” — Katelyn Mulcahy

“The Daily has been a space of development for me, a place to meet interesting people and where I found some of my dearest friends here at the university. I’m grateful for the measured chaos of the newsroom, its community, and how it serves the Ann Arbor community at large.” — Emma Richter

“Spending the last three years as a photojournalist for The Daily has been a blessing. From the first Women’s March on Ann Arbor in 2017 to the Hash Bash when recreational cannabis in Michigan was legalized, I am so lucky to have helped capture key moments of this University and Ann Arbor’s history. More important than the events I’ve covered, however, are the people I’ve met throughout my journey. I’m grateful for my fellow photographers and editors who have challenged my perspectives, and I’m thankful that I could continue growing in photography even as a senior. I’ll forever cherish my time here at The Daily, and I’m excited to see what will come next!” — Max Kuang

“Working at the Daily for the past year has been amazing. Being on the photo team has given me so many unique experiences that I’m so thankful for. It’s going to be really difficult to say goodbye.” — Cameron Hunt

“If you would have told me Freshman year that I would be chasing Jordan Poole and the Michigan Basketball team around a court in Wichita, Kansas and then spend the next 15 hours (and many Red Bulls) driving back to Ann Arbor, then spend 6 hours making a newspaper, then somehow making it back to my bed, I would honestly not believe you. Because I still find hard to believe today all of the incredible experiences, friends, memories and skills I have gained over the past 4 years because of my time on Photostaff. Its now hard to believe that my time here on Photostaff is over, but I know it was time well spent, and even though I might not believe the memories sometimes, I will never forget them.” — Evan Aaron

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