The birds of the Leslie Science and Nature Center are a hidden gem of Ann Arbor. The predatory birds in the collection include a bald eagle, several species of owls and vultures. Other animals at the exhibits include insects, reptiles and amphibians. Also on the grounds are nature trails, ponds and gardens.

The property previously belonged to Dr. Eugene Leslie, a former professor at the University of Michigan and his wife, Emily, a nature and gardening enthusiast. The couple planted gardens across their land over the course of their lives. Seeing how their neighbors’ children engaged with nature, the Leslies worked to create an educational hub to instill curiosity and respect for nature. Wanting to spread their love of nature to future generations, the Leslies gave the deed to the city of Ann Arbor in 1976. Since then, the city has honored the wishes of the Leslies and has worked to maintain and expand the non-profit’s property.


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