Modern celebrity stardom is overwhelmingly full of people who are simply “famous for being famous” —but it wasn’t always this way. Truly, it was all thanks to a certain someone named after a glamorous city. That’s right, we’re talking about Paris Hilton— the original “influencer.”
But why are we talking about the mogul today? Recently, Hilton released a new documentary, titled This is Paris. In a never-before-seen look into the real life of the socialite, the audience is exposed to her trauma, real voice (that’s right, no artificial baby voice here) and pseudo reinvention.
The infamous heiress to Hilton Hotels made cultural soundwaves when she started clubbing, and modeling in New York at the age of fourteen. Yet, here at Arts, Interrupted we know that people tend to not give her enough credit. For our second episode of the brand new season, the crew decided to spend 1 Night in Paris and take a nuanced deep dive into the impact of her persona, backstory, and brand on popular culture today.
In this episode, we give you a recap of the documentary and explain how the character of “Paris Hilton” was created. With lavish jewelry and an unattainable lifestyle, Paris cultivated a never before seen “it” girl persona that could be utilized as an asset to innovatively market and sell trendy merchandise. You could say she paved the way for marketable influencers today like Kim Kardashian and even Charli D’amelio.
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But we didn’t just stop there. The whole team also got together on zoom to discuss the nuances of current influencer culture, vlogging as the replacement for reality T.V., clickbait infested Snapchat journalism, and the future of tabloids. 
All we can say is: that’s hot
This episode was brought to you by executive producer Sam Small, senior podcast editors Max Rosenzweig and Emily Ohl, content creator Avin Katyal, audio producers Ben Schrier and Will Pederson, and audio engineer Spencer Harris. Thanks for listening, we’ll catch you on the flipside.


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