As the day of the turkey gets even closer, we are tasked with the challenge of figuring out what it is we’re most thankful for. For some it is their health, their families and their happiness. For others, it might be their Airpods, the two-day extension they got on a paper or even Popeyes’ chicken sandwich. No matter what it may be, all of these things are important to us for a reason. For the Arts, Interrupted gang, one of the things they’re most thankful for is, you guessed it, arts! On episode 10, Sam, Emily, Max and Will chat about movies, music, and TV shows that were most meaningful to them in the past year.

Before they got into this, they hypothesized what some celebrities might be bringing to their Thanksgiving dinners with a game called “Celebrity Potluck.” What would Ethan Hawke cook? What about Taylor Swift? Green beans? Apple pie? Well, you’ll just have to listen to find out.

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After some tough decisions were made regarding Jay Leno’s culinary contributions, the music that the team was most thankful for was discussed. Ranging from the devastating indie folk of Julia Jacklin to the experimental metal of Igorrr, there was a lot to go over. There was also lots of variation in the movies that the gang loved; tune in to hear Emily gush over Midsommar and Max hopelessly try to defend The Shining. For TV, Fleabag was among the favorites, as a surprise to no one and the zany antics of The Eric Andre Show seemed to be a guilty pleasure for the whole crew.

Last but not least, the people behind Arts, Interrupted are profoundly thankful for their wonderful listeners and collaborators.

Thanks for listening and have a wonderful *almost* Thanksgiving!

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