Demands for University action on the lack of under-represented minorities on campus have increased in the past few years — particularly after the nationally-documented push by University students to boost Black enrollment. The University has responded to these efforts with diversity initiatives and symposiums and programs to attract more low-income students.

As conversations and controversies on race engage Americans coast-to-coast, The Michigan Daily compiled data regarding the various identities first-year students at the University hold: their state residences or nationality; major; income bracket and race and ethnicity. This information can be compared to visualize just how likely you are to run into a student of a certain race or major.

We learned, for instance, that you’re more likely to meet a psychology major than a Black student here — six percent of students who have declared their major chose psychology, while four percent of students here are Black. There are 400 more Hispanic undergraduates at the University than students from New York. White men comprise 28 percent of the overall student body, and you’re 2.8 times more likely to run into one of them than a woman of color.

This visual will allow you to compare students of any major to those of any racial affiliation.

Of the 43,651 students at the University in 2015, this is who they are and who you might meet here.

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