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On a recent Monday afternoon, I sat in my room, sifting through the various photography gear I have acquired so far this year. Recently, film has become all the rage. Even disposable cameras, once replaced by Fujifilm Instaxes, are now working their way back into the market. Perhaps it is my need for something more methodological–physical–that leads me to spend my days scouring the internet and rummaging through stranger’s stuff at garage sales all to find old film cameras. In this gallery, I am simply displaying some of my favorite polaroids along with some of my beloved thrifted finds. Have I used my three film cameras yet? No, but that is because they need a little, well A LOT, of TLC. Also, I am a broke college student. Film, along with the cost of developing it, gets pricey. Still, I think a bit of hoarding becomes necessary for all in the photography field. Collections like these allow us to hold on to the past while creating something new in the present. And c’mon, they look pretty cool too!