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Lizzy McAlpine — a name many had not heard until her hit song, “ceilings,” went viral on TikTok. But for others and many of her fans, McAlpine has been an artist who has provided solace, comfort and joy since her first independent album, Give Me A Minute, released in August 2020. McAlpine, a Philadelphia native, attended Berklee College of Music in Boston to study songwriting before leaving her junior year to pursue a full-time career in music. In April 2022, McAlpine released her second album, Five Seconds Flat, which featured her hit songs “ceilings” and “reckless driving” featuring Ben Kessler.

“The End of the Movie” tour started in April and will run through June. The 25-show tour spans the United States, Canada and Europe. McAlpine’s fourth stop was at the Majestic Theater in Detroit. She began the show with her song “an ego thing.” The green lighting and the backup from the band created a lively vibe that lasted the entire concert. Along with performances from both Give Me A Minute and Five Seconds Flat, McAlpine performed three new original songs. These songs included “Broken Glass,” “I Guess” and “In What World.” “Broken Glass” stood out to me personally, as McAlpine spoke about how the song represents seeing someone for their true colors.

McAlpine spoke to her fans in an honest and friendly manner, and it seemed as if she was having a conversation with every person in the venue personally. She ended the show by singing “orange show speedway.” Prior to singing “orange show speedway” as her encore, she stayed out on stage, talked with the crowd. Everyone in the crowd was jumping up and down, singing and having a great time. The concert was a mix of her new music, old music and her fan favorites. By the end, everyone was beaming and wished there could be one more song.

I discovered Lizzy McAlpine in fall 2021. My sister, an “OG” Lizzy fan, as she would call herself, introduced me to the song “Apple Pie.” “Apple Pie,” along with the rest of Give Me a Minute, resonated with several emotions I was feeling at the time. From that moment on, Give Me a Minute was playing constantly. It became routine for me to listen to it on the way to class, in the car and before bed. I would show my friends her songs any chance I got. McAlpine helped me through one of the roughest patches of my college career. The emotions that carry in her music not only resonate with me, but also with so many other of her concertgoers and fans. The release of her second album, Five Seconds Flat, also came at the exact right time for me. I distinctly remember laying in my bed while studying abroad in Barcelona dissecting every lyric and the plot line of the album. The tears started flowing, specifically during the heartbreaking and relatable plot twist in “ceilings,” and during “orange show speedway.”

McAlpine shares her true, raw emotions, and fans relate to the familiar stories of love, loss, friendship and heartbreak in her music. This exchange offers consolation that we are not alone in our struggles and experiences.

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