There is a frenzy of activity on the streets of Ann Arbor as spring shows its cheerful face. The blooming magnolias, yellow daffodils and green leaves on the trees seem to be making up for the lost spring of 2020. While we have made headway in our efforts to mitigate the virus, we haven’t yet reached the end of the road. 

It was around this time last year that many parts of the country were in the midst of a lockdown. The blurred pedestrians represent the eeriness of a second spring amid a global pandemic. While the luxury of enjoying an Ann Arbor spring among a community of people was not in the cards last year, our newfound freedom to socialize and walk alongside our friends does not negate the fact that we are still in the midst of a global pandemic. 

The choice to make these photos black and white is a reminder of the fact that while colorful flowers are lining the streets, we are still in a state of limbo.

Despite efforts to vaccinate as many Americans as possible, unanswered questions remain and cases are on the rise again in Michigan.

While the joy that comes with warmer weather and longer days may seem indicative of an end to the global pandemic, it is not so.  

In many ways we have improved since last spring, but we still have a lot of work to do. The flowers have done their growing; now it’s our turn. 

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