Welcome to October! October is Latinx Heritage Month, so we passed the mic to our audio engineer Inés (she/her/hers). She spoke with Julianna Collado (she/her/hers) about Latinx history and her connection to her Afro-Cuban identity. We all related to the importance of food across cultures and family importance. We featured Aldo Pando Girard (he/they), as our Creative of Color, about their poetry and previous accolades. They even blessed us with some beautiful pieces, and discussed the duality of their Afro-Cuban identity.

To stay updated on Latinx Heritage Month events, follow @umich_lhm on Instagram, and to get involved with La Casa, email Aldo’s book SELF PORTRAITS, MIXED MEDIA can also be purchased at Literati Bookstore on E. Washington. His organization “BlacLeadersInArtCollective” is found on Instagram @b.l.a.c.atmichigan and aims to generate a safe space where Black & Brown students can foster fellowship, mental-wellness, and artistic academic support. It is based in SMTD and Stamps. Our next episode will be a musical feature on Indian classical music, so follow on Spotify or subscribe on Apple Podcasts to be the most updated on our episodes! We drop weekly on Mondays.

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