If you’ve been paying attention to music in really any capacity in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed a boom of a certain type of artist. She’s young, she plays the guitar, she has honest and emotional lyrics, and probably has an established social media presence. A non-exhaustive list might include Phoebe Bridgers, Julia Jacklin, Snail Mail, Anna Burch, Squirrel Flower, Lucy Dacus, and so many more. These artists as a whole have come to be known as “sad girl indie.” This loosely defined genre is widely encompassing, but at the same time, pretty vague. 
One of these artists is Indigo De Souza. Her debut album, 2018’s I Love My Mom, encapsulates a lot of the angst and uncertainty that comes with being a young person falling in and out of love in the digital age. Luckily, Sam and Max were able to sit down with her and unpack what this “sad girl” moniker is all about.
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This interview was incorporated into a previously recorded roundtable discussion about the genre, with the team having some pretty interesting insights to share, from the origins and predecessors of the genre, as well as the implications in terms of social media and commercial success.
This episode was brought to you by executive producer Sam Small, senior editors Emily Ohl and Max Rosenzweig, content producers Avin Katyal and Max Schabel, audio producers Ben Schrier, Will Pederson and Sam Dubose, and finally, the amazing audio engineer, Spencer Harris. 
Special thanks to Indigo De Souza for taking the time to chat. See you next time!

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