Over the past few months, the Arts, Interrupted gang has been interviewing some of their favorite non-male musicians for their “Female Fronted Is Not a Genre” mini-series. For their highly anticipated season finale, they had the privilege of interviewing Eva Hendricks, front person of the power-pop band Charly Bliss.
Having played music with her brother Sam from a young age and joining forces with Spencer Fox as teenagers, Eva and the band go way back. The lineup was completed with the addition of Dan Shure, and the band soon went to work on their first record Guppy released in 2017 to critical acclaim. Guppy was then followed by this year’s Young Enough which received similarly high praise. Eva writes all of the lyrics for the band, and the infectious pop songs deal with themes of growing up, breaking up and figuring out how to be a real person. 
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When the team got her on the horn, Eva spoke about her experience starting out in the industry and how she’s had to navigate as a woman. From venues not believing that she’s in the band to the fear of being alone at gas stations, Eva describes the unfortunate realities of being a female touring musician. This isn’t to say that the industry is doomed though. Eva has an optimistic outlook and believes that the DIY scene is diversifying beyond the standard lineup of four white dudes.
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