On episode three of Female Fronted is not a Genre, the gang talks with Kentucky scream-pop band, GRLwood. Comprised of Rej Forester (vocals) and Karen Ledford (drums), the duo is self- described as “two Kentucky queerdos wailing at you.” With stripped down baselines crescendoing to a chorus of crashing drums, mixed with ear-piercing screams: GRLWood is quite unlike anything you’ve truly ever heard before.

Even though only using two instruments, GRLwood’s sounds truly packs on the punch. Their newest album, “I Sold My Soul to the Devil When I was 12,” released on August 12, features songs such as “I Hate My Mom,” “Donald,” and “Get Shot.” The comical, yet salient lyrics, incorporate themes including, but not limited to, sexual identity, Donald Trump, gun violence and reproductive rights. As a riot grrrl reminiscent, GRLwood declares “fuck you” to the status quo.

The duo has consistently rejected predesignated labels and tropes, even inventing their own genre, “scream-pop,” to avoid the “pretentiousness” of the punk sub-groupings. So, it should come as no surprise that the duo rejects the term “female fronted,” citing the tokenizing/ festishing nature of the term and the exclusion of the other members of the band. 

In episode three, GRLwood explains the misogyny found in the punk music scene, what it’s like to be a queercore group from Kentucky, their politically driven lyrics and of course, why female fronted is not a genre. As one of our most explicit, yet interesting episodes yet —  you’re not going to want to miss out. 

Songs used in this episode in order of appearance: 

Bisexual — GRLwood

I Hate My Mom — GRLwood

Vaccines Made Me Gay — GRLwood

Donald — GRLwood

Clean — GRLwood 


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