Welcome back to the Daily Weekly. We know you missed us but hey, if this is the first time you’re listening in, WELCOME! We are the weekly news podcast from the University of Michigan’s very own student newspaper, The Michigan Daily. We cover the news relevant to the University of Michigan, the greater Ann Arbor area, and YOU.

On this week’s episode we will be talking about how students (and the greater public) get the University to change their policies. Last week, the University Health Service said they cut free STI testing. After 48 hours of student outcry and thousands of student signatures, they reversed that policy. But why was this movement successful? And what do student activists think made this one different? 

We talk with U-M alum and community organizer, Hoai An Pham and an organizer of the Climate Action Movement Solomon Medintz to discuss their take on the STI policy reversal. 

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