Last week, a supposed preacher came to the Diag, armed with a sign that read: “Ask Me Why You Deserve Hell”. With homophobic rhetoric, his main target was the LBGTQ+ community on campus. Throughout the duration of the day, students surrounded the man. Some were offended while many made fun of him. Others believed no one should have engaged with him, saying that we were giving him exactly what he wanted. 

As a public university that’s been coined as “liberal”we attract many bigots to our public spaces and just a few days ago, the Michigan State House– which is of Republican Majority– passed legislation making it even easier for these controversial speakers to promote their ideology on campus. The bill is called “The College Campus Intellectual and Expressive Freedom Act,”

As students, is it our responsibility to stand against this rhetoric, or should we ignore those who bring hate speech to our campus? I’m your host Sonya Vogel. We talk to Mutaz Faqqouseh the student holding the “Free Stupid Lessons” sign and Kate Westa former vice chair of the University’s chapter of conservative organization Young America’s Foundation, and current co-president of political organization WeListen.

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