The Department of Education is investigating a complaint filed by U-M Flint Professor Mark Perry alleging that the University of Michigan discriminates against men. In May of 2018, Perry filed a complaint challenging 11 different University programs, initiatives, organizations, and scholarships at U-M Ann Arbor that violate Title IX policies. Some of these programs include Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (GEECS), the Barbour Scholarship, the Och Initiative for Women in Finance and Women in Science and Engineering (WISE).


In this episode of The Daily Weekly, Catherine talks with Mark Perry to discuss what prompted his claims. Women In Science & Engineering (WISE) founder Barbara Sloat also discusses what led her to create of the organization in 1980, and why she still sees a value in these programs. Grace Kay comments on reporting the story for The Daily and her conversations with Title IX experts.


This episode was produced by Audio Engineer Ryan Cox, Assistant Producer Evon Yao, Associate Producer Josh Sodicoff, and Executive Producer Catherine Nouhan. Music by


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