The University of Michigan Ann Arbor is among the top public universities in the country, with access to exclusive resources such as research facilities, state of the art libraries and renowned faculty, all available to its student body.

But the University of Michigan’s satellite schools, U-M Dearborn and U-M Flint, which are as close as 45 minutes away, are far from equal. While united under the same “Go Blue,” The Ann Arbor campus endowment is 10.9 billion compared to Dearborn and Flint’s 56 and 113.1 million respectively.

In a new initiative known as “One University” led by both U-M Dearborn and U-M Flint, student and faculty activists are calling on the University President, Board of Regents and the State to reallocate state funding in an effort to lessen inequalities between the three campuses.

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The initiative proposes increasing the starting pay of Dearborn and Flint Professors and graduate students, who’ starting pay is 10,000 and 7,000 dollars less than U-M Ann Arbor counterparts

According to research by One University Campaign Steering Committee members Ian Robinson and Daniel Birchock, every year since 2007, the University, has had a surplus of more than $182 million  – more than the entire General Funds of Flint or Dearborn.

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