Food insecurity— the state of being without a reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food— is common on the University of Michigan’s campus. Despite Ann Arbor’s booming restaurant industry, University students struggle to keep their fridges stocked throughout the semester with healthy and affordable food. Michigan students are left with a dilemma: Purchase food from independent companies like Replenish or the People’s Food Co-op at high prices, or call an uber to the affordable Meijer grocery store, a 15 minute drive away. Michigan Bus shuttles to Meijer were discontinued three years ago and left student with the expensive alternatives of ubering, owning a car on campus, or subscribing to delivery food services. Where do students get their food, and how is student leadership addressing this issue?  

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This episode was produced by Executive Producer Catherine Nouhan, Audio Engineer Gibson Gillett-Behrens, our Host Sonya Vogel, Content Producers Kareem Rifai, Callie Teitelbaum and Rachel Fagan, as well as Audio Producers Josh Sodicoff, Jon Coonan, and Abigail Elwart.



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