On February 4th, the University of Michigan Regents enacted the felony disclosure policy which requires faculty and staff to report any felony charges and convictions they have received. Although the policy was supposedly intended to increase safety on campus, controversy quickly developed around the powers it granted the University. Students, faulty and organizers called out the university’s new ability to act on criminal accusations without due process and worried about the impact of bias on their response to reported felonies. This conversation has grown, with students and from Michigan Behind Bars and others speaking at Regent’s meetings in opposition of the policy. Today, we’ll talk to two student organizers from Michigan Behind Bars and an instructor from the Prison Creative Arts Program to better understand what the real implications of the felony disclosure policy are.

This episode was produced by Audio Engineer Ryan Cox, Executive Producer Catherine Nouhan, producers Sonya Vogel, Jon Coonan, and Josh Sodicoff. Special thanks to content creators Julia Mati and Evon Yao.

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