Arts Interrupted Cover Photo: AI generated art of two people sitting at a table with microphones in front of them.

Welcome back to a new season of Arts, Interrupted, the Michigan Daily’s premiere arts and culture podcast. Today, the arts team has an exciting roundtable discusses a new trend that seems pervasive in all recent media. From Red White and Royal Blue to Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour, it seems that LGBTQ+ narratives are all over the airwaves. But the question is: are they here to stay? Kyla on the film + tv beat takes a look, hard look at Bottoms, Matt on music explores Harry Styles and queerbaiting, and Addie on the culture beat explores some common slayings in the queer community that have hit the mainstream. Listen to find out more about why rainbow capitalism might be a good thing after all!

Produced by Kyla Kralapp, Matthew Popp, and Addiena Nicolaou

Content by Isiris Acevedo, Amina Cattaui

Mixed and Mastered by Christopher Brown