For the past six months, (yes it’s actually been that long) most of us have had a little bit too much time to ourselves. Some have spent this time honing a craft, finally watching that show you’ve been meaning to get to, or maybe just indulging in some of that sweet, secret single behavior. 
One of the age-old methods of passing the time, however, is one that usually involves opening an incognito window and locking the door. And now, more than ever, we are able to access more personalized content that is delivered directly from creator to consumer. This is thanks to the growing ubiquity of the website, Onlyfans. The content subscription site has been the topic of a lot of online discourse, especially with recent celebrity involvement. 
Naturally, the Arts, Interrupted team had to tackle this pressing issue in the season six premiere.
What about our current culture makes this platform so lucrative? How does it tie into the idea of sex positivity and sexual liberation? What’s up with this whole Bella Thorne thing? These are some of the heavy hitters the team ventured to answer.
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It didn’t make a lot of sense to write an episode about Onlyfans without any firsthand knowledge, so Sam chatted with Audra—a young woman who earns a substantial amount of her income from the site—about her experience and insight.
Resident economist Avin Katyal then crunched the numbers and explained just how significant and lucrative Onlyfans can be. Max Rosenzweig proceeded to talk about how celebrities like Bella Thorne have taken advantage of this platform, and even caused some harm with her presence.
Finally, the whole team got into some juicy discussion about how our fascination with sex and sex positivity manifests in different aspects of our culture, and what it really means to be sex positive today. 
This episode was brought to you by executive producer Sam Small, senior podcast editors Max Rosenzweig and Emily Ohl, content creator Avin Katyal, audio producers Ben Schrier and Will Pederson, and audio engineer Spencer Harris. Thanks for listening, we’ll talk to you next time. 

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