On season four, episode two of Arts, Interrupted the gang tackles the mythic art of Spotify  playlists. Why do we make them? How do we make them? Is Spotify evil? Before Sam, Mina, and Emily dove into these ontological questions, they played a divisive game of “This or That” in which, among other things, the superior Bon Iver era was determined. 
The way that music streaming platforms, particularly Spotify, have changed how we interact with music is something on the minds of the whole Arts, Interrupted team. In this episode, they hash out the specific relationships they have with their playlists and the process that they each go through in creating them. The social media aspect of Spotify is also discussed; who we follow and why we follow them, the customizability of a playlist’s appearance, and what circumstances might lead us to listen on private mode. 
Beyond all of the good fun that playlists can bring us, the negative aspects of playlists, especially how they can detach us from the music itself is explored. Playlists are certainly more accessible than vinyl records, but there is a fear that making the music too accessible can cheapen the experience. 
Don’t worry though, the podcast crew will continue cranking out playlists chock full of chill/lo-fi hip hop beats to relax/study to.
Songs included in this episode in order of apperance:
1. The Choice is Yours — Black Sheep
2. Disco — Surf Curse
3. Sleeping Lessons — The Shins
4. Ribs — Lorde
5. I Want Wind to Blow — The Microphones 
6. Heart it Races — Dr. Dog


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