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Kingfisher is an 7-piece band composed of SMTD students: four jazz majors and three PAT majors. The indie folk band combines beautiful, yet energetic horn and string arrangements with electronic sampling for a unique take on the genre. With their debut album “Grip your fist, I’m heaven bound”, the band has quickly amassed over 100k streams on Spotify. We brought them in today to talk about the state of indie music, how they became a band, as well as the plans for their upcoming album. Listen now for an exclusive talk from the band and their process, and get to know the members of the rising indie group from Ann Arbor.

Content by Christopher Brown, Elliot Heldman

Audio by Ben Schrier

Thanks again to our special guests Casey Cheatham, Sam Dubose, Tyler Thenstedt, Sam Uribe-Botero and Callum Roberts