It’s not the end of the world. And we should be taking the lessons we learn from this pandemic out with us when we emerge back into functioning society. 

In this episode, the Pass the MiC team talks about the concept of ‘unity,’ where it’s been preached and subsequently has failed us, and how to implement it for good in our communities. The team talks about the communities impacted the most by the pandemic, and how our current system allows for the sort of oversight that has led to the wide disparity in abilities to cope that people across America are experiencing currently.

As the virus continues to put people’s lives at risk, we see the potential of what is possible through increased resources such as shelter, healthcare, food, housing, etc. We talk about the importance of not conflating unity with equality as many privileged communities and voices have done in the past couple of weeks. We remind ourselves that at this time, it is incredibly important that we do not lose sight of our position in this world, as it will continue once we step out of our homes in however many months from now.

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The Pass the MiC team has compiled this list of community organizations, foundations, and fundraisers providing relief during our current pandemic:’s list of Michigan resources:

Coronavirus Community Care Network is providing drive-up testing for the metro Detroit area: and the link to volunteer (must be over 21) –

Feeding America: search by location at 

Maize and Blue Cupboard:

United Way of Washtenaw County’s list of resources:

This episode was hosted and produced by Rashika Rao and edited and engineered by Victor Imbo. The scriptwriters for this episode were Camille Moore, Gabrijela Skoko, Phoebe Kim, and Rashika Rao. Thank you to Cydney Gardner-Brown and Monica Kim for providing supplemental audio. The audio from the celebrity “Imagine” video was taken from a video posted by Gal Godot.

If you are involved in or know of any successful and genuine foundations or fundraisers in the area, email us at so we can add you to our list!

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